Man Sitting Silhouette Vector (12)

Different sitting poses of man; sitting in chair, in the floor, rolling chair in different poses and costumes ideal to create awesome people silhouette and man vector graphics. Make a purchase now and get the download link of png, jpeg and eps files of this man sitting silhouette vector.

Yoga Silhouette Vector (14)

Amazing Yoga positions are added with this Yoga Silhouette Vector, doing by women. There are 14 vector elements of this yoga poses are added, each one layered and separated. Yoga Silhouette Vector is ideal for creating graphics illustrations for yoga and related vector graphics. Comes in a very affordable price so that it is easy …

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Glasses Silhouette Vector (14)

Glasses Silhouette Vector added with great care to design awesome specs graphics with people silhouette also for product promotion, fashion graphics, accessories etc. From the old fashion glasses to the new generation glass vectors are inclused in this vector stock. Purchase and download the png, jpeg and eps files of this Glasses Silhouette Vector, a …

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Face Silhouette Vector (16)

Variety set of face silhouette vectors of women added in this vector set, a total of 16 individual vector elements. Each element is layered and isolated, easy to edit and customize. Perfect for woman face vector illustration also for different hair style graphics for product ads and promotion. Purchase with this low price and get …

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Mustache Vector Graphics (14)

A set of variety mustaches here comes with Mustache Vector Graphics ideal for design and create mustache man also woman.This will allow you to create funny people with great mustaches. Mustache Vector Graphics comes with vector files and also image files. Purchase and get the download link here. All the 14 vector elements are layered …

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People Silhouette Vector (18)

A rare vector set of people silhouette ideal for people vector illustrations both man and woman are included in this vector set of People Silhouette Vector. Various poses such as casual, formal etc. are added. There are 18 vector element are added, each one layered and isolated. This will be ideal for business vector graphics …

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People Singing Silhouette Vector (15)

Music is divine, here is some awesome people silhouette vectors giving singing vector poses, People Singing Silhouette Vector comes in handy consists of png, jpeg and eps files. Women performing for big music events on stage ideal for music event flyers, hoardings, advertisements and many more music vector illustrations.

Men Silhouette Vector (20)

Another people silhouette here for men silhouette vector graphics, men in their various styles of dressing has included in this vector stock. Ideal to design awesome person vector illustrations and graphics for business vector silhouette, business man silhouette etc. PNG, JPEG and EPS are added in this men silhouette vector category.