Electronic Home Appliances Silhouette Vector (15)

Television, Refrigerator, Mixer grinder and many more added in this set of Electronic Home Appliances Silhouette Vector. Total of 15 individual vector elements, each one layered and separated, so that it is easy to edit and use. Ideal for product catalogs and brochures of Electronic Home Appliances.

Table Light Silhouette Vector (16)

All varieties of table lights for you, comes with this Table Light Silhouette Vector. There are 16 types of table light silhouette vectors included in this pack. Each one is layered and isolated so that a graphic designer can easily edit and customize. Purchase now and get the instant download link here.

Electrical Silhouette Vector (16)

Electrical Silhouette vectors for Electrical appliance graphics work. This silhouette will be useful to design product catalogs, brochures for Electrical goods such as drilling, blower, glue gun etc. Download and get the png, jpeg and eps files of this Electrical Silhouette vector with this low price of $5.

Phone Silhouette Vector (14)

So many phone silhouette vectors are added here in this pack. From the old days to modern technology trends are there in this vector category of phone silhouette. Land phones, cordless, phones, cell phones , all are added in this phone silhouette vector stock. Image files and vector files are added in this pack.

Appliance Vector Icons (33)

Many more appliance vector icons this time as a package of 33 vector elements. Both home appliances and other Electronic appliances are included. Some of them are refrigerator, vintage phones, laptop, ovens, coffee maker etc. This illustration will be useful for product ads, catalogs and brochures of electronic appliances and other home appliances. All the …

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65 Electrical Silhouette Tools

Vector illustrations of Electrical Silhouette Tools. This includes icons of electric lamp, socket, power, electric wire, battery, and more all in silhouette vector format. Silhouette Electricity, power and energy icons – vector icon set. Can be used if you are working on any website or print advertisement for local electricians or electrical company. Electrical Silhouette …

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