65 Victorian Vintage Ornament Design

Victorian vintage ornament design with a total collection of 65 different styles. Set of 65 vintage ornaments. Each object is grouped and the vector file is layered out for easy editing. Textures can be removed and customized it accordingly. If you are planning to design a seamless background or create a vintage flyer or posters then each of these elements can be used because its Isolated black scroll shapes with white outlines and colors can be easily edited.

Each of these Victorian vintage ornament is unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the web.  This vintage ornament set can be used as a repeating borders. or main border elements or corner element in any of the design project since each of these ornament elements are grouped separately it make it easy for graphic designers to edit quickly and say time and money.

65 Victorian Ornament Design
65 Victorian Ornament Design
Price: $15.00